Winners of the student awards have been announced

April 27, 2015
We are happy to announce the winners of the student awards.
1st award (3000 PLN): "T helper cell-related cytokine gene polymorphisms and vitamin D pathway gene polymorphisms as predictors of survival probability of renal replacement therapy patients"; Monika Świderska, Adrianna Mostowska, Alicja E. Grzegorzewska; Poznan University of Medical Sciences
2nd award (2000 PLN): "Inappropriate structure of nutrient consumption deteriorates further with coexistent cardiometabolic diseases in elderly people from Poland"; Agnieszka R. Guligowska, Małgorzata Pigłowska, Janusz Śmigielski, Tomasz Kostka; Medical University of Lodz
3rd award (1000 PLN): "Prevalence and clinical significance of abnormal serum free kappa/lambda light chain ratio in patients with chronic kidney disease"; Aneta Niewmierzycka, Mariusz Kurman, Mikołaj Leśniak, Agata Winiarska, Anna Pawłowska; University of Warmia and Mazury in Olsztyn
The award ceremony will be held on May 8, 2015, during the 14th Conference of the Polish Society of Internal Medicine in Kraków. The award-winning papers will be published in the July-August issue.
Congratulations to the winners!